Brodinski dropped a huge experimental mix over the weekend

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Brodinski dropped a huge experimental mix over the weekend

There’s something in the waters, first we get Gesaffelstein confirmation, then we get treated to a huge mix from one of his homies and ex partners in Brodinski.

The ol’ Bromance boys are getting up to things alright and while it may not be together, it still means a lot of good listening for your ear holes.

Brodinski in the Lab NYC delivers exactly what you expect from the guy. Pulling no punches and starting off with a heavy acid techno vibe, it eventually turns into more house and breaks, then eventually hip-hop and pulled in with super experimental ambient soundscape vibes and that European almost folk music that everyone seems to be frothing over lately!

The mix truly has it all and shows Brodinski once again as a master of the brooding moods, techno sounds and honestly just all of the sonic elements. Check out the full mix below and tell us if you think this is his best mix to date!


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