Top 5 Epic Steve Aoki Moments

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Top 5 Epic Steve Aoki Moments

Over the past few years, the legendary Dj and Dim Mak label owner Steve Aoki, may have been better known as a professional entertainer rather than a Dj/Producer. With his trademark cake throwing, champagne showering, life rafting and stage diving routine adding energy to his sets, he is certainly a crowd pleaser. However, sometimes the show does not always go according to plan. Here are some of our favourite Aoki stunts over the past few years.

5. Balcony Jump at Club Cinema, Florida 2012
Steve Aoki in his own right, has revolutionised the EDM experience. This video is a pure example of how jumping off a balcony and onto a blow up pool can electrify the crowd.

4. Future Music Festival – Brisbane 2013
This promotional stunt at Australia’s Future Music Festival earlier in the year, saw Aoki jump from a scaffold 10 metres above the ground and onto a giant air bed. With those baggy and colourful pants, you’d question if he was a daredevil or a DJ.

3. Palladium LA – 2011
We could not miss one of his more extreme ‘balcony’ dives at the Sold out Palladium, LA show in 2011.

2. Puerto Rico – Trampoline Fail
Trampoline’s on stage, aren’t always a good idea. Steve Aoki was one who learnt that the hard way. Aoki was hospitalised after jumping off the dj table, onto a trampoline, only to be flung back onto the stage head-first. Despite his massive remix and crowd favourite ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ playing, the crowd was left frozen as they watch Aoki lay motionless on the stage………………………………….. ‘He’ll be allllrightttt folks’

1. UMF 2012 – Cake Throw
Aoki’s antics have certainly gained himself a worldwide reputation, however this one just ‘takes the cake’ (pun intended). Not only do we see the generous Aoki launching TWO cakes into the crowd at UMF 2012, but the second cake throw is the ‘icing on the cake’. A round of applause to you Mr. Aoki, that was your best throw yet.


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