Pet Shop Boys get remixed by techno giant Boys Noize

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Pet Shop Boys get remixed by techno giant Boys Noize

Boys Noize has sensationally remixed the legendary Pet Shop Boys in the lead up to their fourth coming album titled ‘Electric’.

The album that is set to launch on July 12th 2013 will herald their 12th studio album and the first single off it is ‘Axis’. The largely raucous and 80’s synth pop driven track has had a further techno work out by Boys Noize adding his acid twist on the number.

I think Boys Noize’s remix is better than the original because it’s more of a contemporary twist on a largely psychedelic spaced out number. The original version lacks direction and has that sort of “going nowhere” feel that can serve as just noise in your ears when e.g. played on the radio. The BNR Records owner grabs your attention by inserting bigger kicks and defining a structure to the song with the builds and melodies it so desperately needed.


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