Boys Noize graces us with two heavy hitting singles

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Boys Noize graces us with two heavy hitting singles

In what can only be described as a flex of his versatility, the longstanding DJ/producer Boys Noize has put out two (that’s right!) singles in one day, because why the fuck not?

The first single ‘Girl Crush’ follows on the mood of his most recent collaborative track ‘Midnight Hour’ with Skrillex, which was also remixed by Four Tet. The vocal samples and hooks by Rico Nasty sit behind and hard-hitting flanged techno undertone with big kicks. It’s abrasive and unapologetic.

‘Buchla 100’ on the other hand is industrial and driving. It’s the club track that we’ve come to know and love from a man whose roots are deeply engrained in techno. We are going to assume that the song title comes from him using a Buchla synthesizer. They are the classic creations of Don Buchla, a circuit designer who produced synthesizers when they truly were analog beasts!

This sudden burst of music is something to please both his techno purist fans and his wider-reaching pop music admirers. Enjoy!


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