TJR: My Favourite 5 Comedians

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TJR: My Favourite 5 Comedians

On the cusp of kicking off his Australian Tour, TJR, the man behind 2012’s house anthem “Funky Vodka” gave us a slight twist on ‘Favourites’ by giving us his 5 Favourite Comedians!

Turns out when he’s not creating feel-good basslines he’s kicking back enjoying some laughs with the rest of us. His list reads like the who’s who of the comedy world with Eddie Murphy making the cut alongside Bill Muarry.

So sit back, click play and have a chuckle with TJR and Stoney Roads

TJR – ‘Top 5 Favourite Comedians’

1. George Carlin – nobody mixed humor with social commentary as good as Carlin.  He was relevant until the day he died.  People still quote his views on the world and governments, legend.

2. Eddie Murphy – (eddie pre-marriage and kids).  His Delirious routine was one of the first records my brother bought for our lone turntable as kids.  His movies like Trading Places, Beverly Hills Cop and SNL characters like Mr. Robinson’s neighbourhood are the classics.

3. Dave Chappelle – Chappelle Show raised the bar so high on racial humor it will be tough to beat.  Clayton Bigsby the black blind KKK leader or the Niggar family was pure genius.

4. Bill “Fucking” Murray – The everyday guy everyone wants to hang out with.  From Caddyshack to Ghostbusters to groundhog’s day, his dopey adlib humor is unmatched maybe to chevy chase.  The lax, care-free, dont-give-a-shit attitude made his delivery so memorable.

5. Rodney Dangerfield – my fav character from the movie Caddyshack, Al Czervik.  Rodney was the one-liner king. He’s the dirty old man I aspire to become.  I mean, The guy made a freakin rap album in the 80’s, rappin rodney, priceless.

TJR kicks off the Australian tour in Adelaide, full dates below.

Adelaide – 7th Feb @ Apple
Wollongong – 8th Feb @ Onefiveone
Sydney – 9th Feb @ Pacha
Hobart – 10th Feb @ Syrup
Melbourne – 15th Feb @ Royal Melbourne Hotel
Gold Coast – 16th Feb @ Platinum
New Zealand – 22nd Feb @ Canterbury University
Brisbane – 23rd Feb @ Family

Not one to miss!


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