Stoney Charts Week 2: Sandro’s Top 10

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Stoney Charts Week 2: Sandro’s Top 10

Every Tuesday brings a new instalment of Stoney Charts, in which one Stoney Roads writer shares the top 10 tracks they’ve been listening to for the past seven days, new or old.

Like most of you, my taste in music is always fluctuating and often reaches outside the realms of electronic dance music, so not all of the following 10 tracks are what you might expect to find on Stoney Roads. I’ve tried to create a sense of flow between them, but let’s face it, that Avalanches remix was never going to make much sense anywhere. Hopefully you find something that you enjoy.

Belle & Sebastian – I’m A Cuckoo (The Avalanches Remix)

In my most recent period of The Avalanches nostalgia, I rediscovered this wonderful remix in which charming Glaswegians Belle & Sebastian have their vocals layered over the top of African tribal instrumentation. It’ll warm your Stoney hearts.

Débruit – Cri

Continuing the ‘African vibes via other random countries’ vibe, French producer Débruit has a much more danceable chunk of sound for you.

Sweater Beats – MLLN DLLR

Sweater Beats keeps that African passion but runs it through a British filter, sampling the products of Whitney Houston‘s vocal cords along the way. It’s a smile-and-do-a-couple-of-muppet-like-dance-moves-in-your-bedroom kinda track.

Lianne La Havas – Elusive (Shadow Child Remix)

Food Music co-owner Shadow Child likes a cheeky vocal sample too, turning Lianne La Havas‘ silky cover of Scott Matthews‘ track into a bouncy slice of bassline house.

James Blake – Limit To Your Live (Craig Williams Remix)

James Blake can shove a fork right into your soul without too much effort, but Craig Williams somehow makes it OK to dance like a maniac right afterwards, albeit with a furrowed brow. Hugs and high fives to Ajax for educating me with this track at the Beresford last week.

Light Year – Want You

The latest from Sydney lad Light Year sounds eerily similar to his massive track ‘Moderation’, and I can’t see anyone having a problem with that. Beware: space-age growling bassline within. Death by bass = probable.

XXXY – Get Ready

XXXY is one of many producers coming out of the UK right now that are making house music with a garage palate. Round-edged synths and sped-up vocals sit over a quickly shuffling groove that lets you float around the dancefloor.

Toro Y Moi – Say That

As is the case with much of Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs‘ music, Toro Y Moi‘s fragile voice draws you into a dreamy yet danceable beat which you can get lost inside for a little while. It’s a mind-tingling combination of ideas and I recommend watching the video to add another layer to the experience.

Roleo – Sydney State of Mind

Sydney-based label Big Village have been doing large things lately. BV-signed Rapaport in particlar is one seriously talented bloke. However the track in question is by another man on their roster – pusher of glitchy beats for wonky feet, Roleo. This one’s best listened to on headphones while wandering the city at 4am.

The Underachievers – Land of Lords (prod. Taleil Brown)

This beat is classy. I want to take it out to dinner, let it do all the talking, drive it home and kiss it goodnight at the door. Because watching it walk away is enough. Uncomfortable metaphors aside, it’s a genius bit of  sampling by Taleil Brown. He takes the soulful combination of vibraphone and muted trumpet from Bobby Hutcherson‘s ‘Montara’, and the break from Melvin Bliss‘ ‘Synthetic Substitution’ and lets them make sweet lingering love to each other. Oh and The Underachievers? CAN rap. Check their mixtape for more chilled beats and weed references.

What are you vibing on, Stoneyfriends? Post your track of the moment in the comments section below for the love of music!


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