Rihanna – Jump (Club Cheval Rap Remix feat. Theophilus London)

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Rihanna – Jump (Club Cheval Rap Remix feat. Theophilus London)

The second last Thursday of January saw an alluring bunch of pixels pop up on Club Cheval’s Facebook page. They showed Theophilus London in the studio with Myd of Club Cheval and Brodinski. For those who are excited over the continued blurring of the walls between hip hop and electronic dance music, this track is definitely going to get your ears erect. More than that, London claimed via his Twitter account that the track will make the world “say goodbye to that trap shit like Death of Autotune days”.

Well truth be told, most would still file this track under ‘trap’. Short of genre tags though, strap me to a robotic grizzly bear and pass me a plasma cannon, because this track is a behemoth, and it sounds future as fuck.  It’ll simultaneously slam your head into the ground and let out a horrific, synthetic scream as it rips your abdomen open and wrenches out your innards. It’s unclear if Brodinski had a role in the actual production of the track or not, but it’s difficult to imagine anyone complaining after listening to it.

Get your mitts on it for zero dollars below.


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