Lemâitre set to release 4th EP

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Lemâitre set to release 4th EP

Gather round friends and listen, for what follows is the completely fact-checked and unquestionably excellent story of how Lemâitre came to be. It may seem like a quasi-imaginative narrative backed by a moronic premise, but this is a factual account and your insults will fall upon deaf ears.

There’s a knock at the door. The pasty SebastiAn broodingly drags himself up from the studio desk and trudges towards the noise. His footsteps freeze as the door in front of  him starts to shimmer. Narrowing his eyes, he steels himself, before the door begins to slowly dissolve in a pure white light. Stumbling backwards, the Frenchman’s vision shifts in and out of focus, but he manages to glimpse a strange shape in between himself and the light. It’s definitely moving. Alive. Steadily breathing and growing in size as it approaches. Soon enough it’s less than an inch from the confused man’s nose, whereupon he beholds its true nature. Standing at exactly his height, the four-legged creature shakes its mane, making the unnatural sound of a knight’s armour clinking against itself. Swirls of the brightest colours imaginable make their way around its coat of short, thick hair, but strangest of all, the beast’s mouth is curved upwards in what appears to be a smile. With absolutely no warning, SebastiAn’s visitor vomits painfully bright rainbows directly into the producer’s face with the pressure of a fire house. The force of this stupidly ridiculous and quite clearly fictional event causes the producer to split into two full-bodied but not identical human beings, because that’s how these things work. The two lay helpless on the ground. Naked and drenched in rainbows, they feel SebastiAn’s French fire in their heart while bursts of colour dance behind their eyes.

And so it was that Ulrik and Ketil were born. They would call themselves Lemâitre and accept that despite their Norwegian upbringing, anyone who listens to their delectable blend of French electro house and pop is going to assume that they’re a couple of frogs.

Silly stories aside, the lads have got a new EP, Relativity 3, on the way. It’ll be released on March 4, but you can get a taste of it in the video below. If you like what you hear, then check them on Soundcloud and Facebook. Oh and " target="_blank">this is a personal favourite of mine.


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