Watch: Lemaitre pairs newest single with the rockstar life

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Watch: Lemaitre pairs newest single with the rockstar life

There’s something comfortingly familiar about Lemaitre’s newest single ‘High Tide.’  A stadium-sized mixture of summertime sounds, nearby waves, and timeless guitar riffs, the high key piano ballad takes a step away from their funky past into a festival seasoned future.  Highlighting their recent pre-summer stint at Stereosonic, the JGM produced live video catalogues the usual antics.  If there’s anything tour life videos have taught me, it’s that you can find dancing hot dog dudes, ironic heart hands, and easily commandeered golf carts all around the globe.  I’m glad to see that the Norwegian duo are aware that the rockstar lifestyle is still about sleeping through hotel maid cleanings and impressing interview babes with your guitar licks.  Some things change… good music never does.

Snag their ‘High Tide’ here or stick around on Thursday at 2pm EST for a live chat over at Soundrop.


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