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Norway’s finest purveyors of glitchy, melodic beats have recently released their 4th EP, Relativity 3. The duo call themselves Lemaitre.

They’re well worth keeping an eye on, so Stoney Roads writer Sandro Dallarmi had a chat with them.

Sandro: There are a lot of guitars and synths in your tracks. Do you record those sounds from physical instruments in the studio?

Lemaitre: Yeah, we try to record as much physical instruments as possible to keep the sound as organic as possible. Mostly guitar, piano and some drums. We use a Prophet 08 and a Little Phatty for a lot of the synths. Though most of the synths are software.


Sandro: I assume your recording process involves many hours in front of the laptop too, yes?

Lemaitre: Most time is definitely spent in front of a computer. Resampling sounds and the samples we make, programming synths, drums and tweaking the overall sound happens through Ableton Live.


Sandro: How does all this translate to a live setting?

Lemaitre: We try to play what we can live. We have guitar, vocals, a DSI Prophet synth and a Moog Little Phatty on stage. A lot of the sounds in the songs is really hard to recreate on a live instrument so we run a lot of things through Ableton live as well.


Sandro: Your sound is quite French, belying your Norwegian heritage. Which music in particular led you to the sound you have now?

Lemaitre: We grew up listening to Daft Punk, The Strokes and Phoenix. Later influences has been a lot of old funk, disco and soul. Also listen to a lot of hip-hop and all kinds of electronic music like DnB, glitch hop, techno etc. We listen to a lot of stuff and we pick out the elements we like best from all of them. You can’t make good music without having listened to a lot of other good music.


Sandro: You guys sing lead vocals on a lot your music. Do you feel that vocals are necessary for the type of music you’re trying to create?

Lemaitre: No it’s not necessary. Some songs work better without it. But often we find it more interesting with vocals. It adds another layer to the music often. While other times it can take too much space away from a great instrumental, so we are very decisive on where we put vocals and not.


Sandro: Do you think of your music as pop music?

Lemaitre: It’s partly pop music. But we try to be a little quirky and put some unusual elements and chords into the music. I guess it’s electronic music with pop, funk and indie influences.


Sandro: You’ve released 4 EPs that I know of, alongside many other standalone tracks. Do you have plans for an album?

Lemaitre: Yeah we would love to do an album as soon as we have time to sit in the studio for one year straight. But we really like the EP format. You get to focus on 4-5 tracks and make those really good. And when you’re finished you start from scratch again which is always a good feeling.

Sandro: When will we be seeing you in Australia?

Lemaitre: Hopefully sometime the coming months. If not we will definitely come down next summer in Australia!


You can check Lemaitre on Facebook and Soundcloud.


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