Interview: Amastro talks spirituality and its influence on his upcoming EP

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Interview: Amastro talks spirituality and its influence on his upcoming EP

In his first single release of 2018, ‘Inhibition’ is a deep dive into Amastro’s mind. From the reaction so far, it’s looking to also be a launch pad into another major year for this electronica producer, vocalist, and instrumentalist.  Considering the growing hype around this track, you wouldn’t think straight up that it’s not even officially released yet. Pre-launch this Friday, it’s been spun on Triple J, and has attracted glowing 4.5 star reviews on Unearthed by JJJ staff.

Let’s take it back for a second. Almost exactly a year ago, some friends of mine got me along to Amastro’s launch show for his single,Don’t Let Me Go’ feat. Sara Flint. I had never heard of his project, but when he started his set, I was absolutely blown away. Amastro is the musical real deal. He was constantly juggling a sample pad, CDJs, piano solos, singing, bringing up countless musical guests and dancers, and even whipping out a trumpet. His energy, passion, stunning vocals, and instrumental/production prowess are displayed at every moment – and there are never any dull ones. It’s this incredible live show, plus top-notch releases focusing on quality, not quantity, that have sent him on a non-stop touring schedule across Australia for the past year. He’s smashed two nation-wide single tours of his own, supported LDRU nationally, and hit up countless festival slots, including Splendour In The Grass, Your Paradise, and Groovin The Moo.

His latest output, ‘Inhibition’, is openly drawn from real life experience – notably, an enlightening meditation session during Lost Paradise Festival over the new year. “I’ve always been a spiritual person, encountering variations and interpretations of ‘God’. But nothing so far has compared to meditating in that beautiful forest.” said Amastro in a presser.

To celebrate his upcoming release and oncoming world domination, we had a chat to the man himself to hear more about the unique way he sees the world, how that reflects in his tunes, and what musical majesty we can expect from him in the rest of the year. Hint: It includes the release of his long-awaited second EP, and a brand-spankin’ new live show.

SR: Hey Gus, can you tell us a bit about what started your interest in spirituality? What does it add to your life and sense of self? 

AM: My spirituality was kick-started in 2012 on Christmas Eve at my Nonna’s house. What I then perceived as the love of (a) God(dess) encapsulated my consciousness. From then on, my whole outlook on life changed. With the help of meditation and research, I’ve started to understand that consciousness and ‘God’ encompasses so much more than any single religion or person can grasp.

SR: How does that belief manifest in this song?

AM: The opening line ‘hello and welcome to the company’ represents when you first open your (third) eyes to the reality outside of what you can physically see. When you start to feel things you can’t explain. Vibrations, auras, connections, good vibes/bad vibes, and the same life that connects us all as we are bonded by love. The word company is a lil’ pun on how un-important working and jobs and company’s become in the scheme of the universe.

SR: Where did you find the spoken samples used within Inhibition, and what did you want them to add to the track? 

AM: I found the samples when I was researching side effects of hallucinogens. Spoiler; there’s not many (if any). I wanted to eradicate the government enforced negative stigma around them.

SR: You’ve been touring around Australia via your second musical project, Gold Member. Do you work much differently when solo to when you have someone to bounce ideas off? 

AM: We definitely work differently between Gold Member and Amastro. Although when I am creating Amastro music more often than not I’m bouncing ideas off people. (Shout-out to Ned Philpot, Benny Vibes, Stacey Queffert, LDRU, Daniel Chapman, Jack Gray, Zekiel, Taka Perry, Obseen, Lucien Housego, Tom Granger, Cyrus.)

SR: Did you provide the artists working on the album art with an idea of what you wanted, or is it their interpretation of the track alone? 

AM: I had the idea as I was making the song about the demons and angels who influence our decision making. The artwork is a representation of the devil and angel I’ve recognised within myself which you can hear influences of throughout the EP. Anthony Mazesvki is the photoshop wizard who made it all happen as well as using a similar art from my last single ‘Attracted 2’.

SR: What’s been your best life experience in the last 6 months?

AM: Huge question… Every day is legit a blessing so today is pretty good. But definitely the recent spiritual awakening.

SR: You’re playing your first festival of 2018, SnowTunes, later in the year. Will we see you hitting the slopes? 

AM: Oath! Imma be snowboarding down all the easiest slopes haha.

SR: We all know your love for sharing music and live sets with your friends. Will we see anyone new added to the Amastro live roster this time around?

AM: With the new EP, so comes the brand new live show So yes, yes you will.

‘Inhibition’ will be launched on all major streaming platforms on Friday the 25th of May. But until then, you can hear the track below.


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