Lemaitre – Relativity² EP

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Lemaitre – Relativity² EP

The Norwegian duo has released their newest EP title Relativity². In this nu-disco you could hear heavy french-house and chillwave influences in all the tracks – heavy distorted beats meets lo-fi / indie-ish vocals. Personally though, I’d be happier if they incorporated a more diverse sound across tracks. But on the other side, while the formula has been used successfully over and over again the production quality is what makes Relativity 2 stands apart from the others. If you’re a fan of nu-disco and french house, then this is definitely one of the more solid release that you should grab.


  1. Lemaitre – Keep Close
  2. Lemaitre – Time To Realize
  3. Lemaitre – Splitting Colors
  4. Lemaitre – Steady State
  5. Lemaitre – Appreciate (Uppermost Remix)

Check out two of our personal picks:


Relativity² on iTunes Store


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