Producer or Pinhead: Borgore

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Producer or Pinhead: Borgore

Arrogance is not something unfamiliar to the music industry; it hangs around like an awkward smell when it is grossely expressed. Some people find arrogance attractive, but most do not receive it too well. This brings me to the  dubstep producer Borgore, otherwise known as Asaf Borger. I am not attempting to tear down him as a person, but as the publicly constructed media personality reeks of a distasteful arrogance that is far from humble or attractive.

I don’t think I need to point out more than his lowbrow sensationalistic lyrics and music to get this point across, but I will not dwell on that because you can all listen to it (see below). It’s more how these lyrics and attitudes transcend into his media personality and behaviour.  For example, referring to himself as president,  ‘jokingly’ saying that he created dubstep in an interview with 2khaat.v,  and his long list of narcissistic and misogynistic posts on Facebook and Twitter. To some this maybe attractive, but arrogant lowbrow sensationalism really lowers the standard of Electronic Dance Music and society in general.

However, some may argue, supply and demand, he, his music and his behaviour are a byproduct of the current culture and is simply meeting the demands of many, hence his fame. If this is so, this argument really makes you wonder what is up with the culture of EDM right now. However, it is more likley that much like his ‘Borewhores’, EDM is travelling through a bit of phase that will soon be regretted in years to come.

When a producer, MC or rapper gets on a mic or media platform and approaches the public with an overbearing attitude of superiority, there really needs to be some evidence behind it, other wise criticism will quickly result. In this case, for someone who is so proud of their work and claims to have had a long history of musical training at a high standard in classical and jazz since a young age, this music isn’t great, and in conjunction with this arrogance, it is the problem. It seems like he is more proud of getting in front of an audience, getting attention and getting laid.

The point that is trying to be made, is that even though the music industry suffers from an excessive arrogance, and pride, it can be some what tolerated when there is sufficient evidence of mastery of the brand and its product. In this case both the brand and product are sub par.  Furthermore, It seems as though Borgore is a little to optimistic in his ‘achievement’, and it’s hard to see tell if he is serious, or if he is just going along with the joke.


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