Fake Blood discusses touring possible horror film score

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Fake Blood discusses touring possible horror film score

In late September, I met up with UK dance pioneer Fake Blood (Theo Keating) for what would be his third ever interview in the backroom of an old meat clever house, turned nightclub ‘Fabric’.

I sat on a brown torn up leather couch while observing peeled up red painted walls. It was 1230 in the morning and I couldn’t help but feel strange as I found myself in London speaking to a man who had in part shaped my musical taste. For the next 30 minutes I had Fake Bloods attention and an interesting conversation was a lit.

In April 2012, Fake Blood unconventionally re-composed a classic horror film titled ‘Susperia’, a 1977 cult (following) horror film directed by Italian Dario Argento. The Blood music label owner came to compose the music through an opportunity he saw while watching the film himself.

“There was so much empty space in the film where there wasn’t actually that much going on… So I realised that I maybe could play the movie but then put my own music over the top and I figured out a way of doing that.” After spending some time working on the idea, he was approached by the BFI (British Film Institute) and offered a theatre and spent the next few month recomposing the whole movie top to bottom including sound effects!

“It might be one unique showing that never gets repeated or it might be something that takes up half of next year”

Theo’s passion was based around wanting to make this an indie project that could grow into more. “I wanted to do it as a one off and then again do it a couple of time… It’s something I want to do next year.” I could sense his artistic indecisiveness and this was refreshing. The realisation that he has succeeded naturally through passion combined with a bit of luck over anything else draws a genuine story with no pretentiousness and an independent open idea agenda.

So what can you expect from watching a live Fake Blood movie composition experience?… Why don’t you ask him!

“Well I can take the picture and then apply all the music all i’ve done, but then whats it gonna be, some fucking file on your desktop. it’s about watching the movie in a cinema and me shitting that I don’t get it wrong and doing it on the fly… So it would negate the whole idea if I do it wrong.”

Listen to the full interview below!

Fake Blood interview by Rave Doss

More interview exerts to come!

Fake Blood’s New Album ‘Cells’ Comes out November 12th 2012


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