Miss Diamond responds to DJ Mag ‘Cheating’ accusations

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Miss Diamond responds to DJ Mag ‘Cheating’ accusations

Two weeks ago DJ Mag announced they would be ‘naming and shaming’ those that tried to manipulate votes in their annual ‘Top 100’ DJ competition.

A few days ago the first scalp was announced in the form of Miss Diamond, a Brazillian born, Swiss based female DJ.

Although the action was quick and swift with removal from the competition Miss Diamond, real name Claudia responded on her blog shouting innocence.

“DJ Mag maintains I had cheated in connection with the DJ Ranking competition. Yet where I should have cheated is not mentioned („Based upon our analysis, it is quite clear that Miss Diamond, or those working on her behalf, have cheated“). We, that is my manager and husband, my team and also my fans also have no clue. DJ Mag has not deemed it necessary to contact us, as is mentioned on their website! („We will be notifying her forthwith.“). We heard of about these accusations only through he press.”

Adding reasoning to her number of votes after reading an article in the press “Unknown in the eyes of the journalist! Yet not unknown to my fans. I have over 150,000 Facebook Likes, not counted Twitter, YouTube and MySpace. And they are real since I have been DJing in international clubs for years.”

She added a picture of her Facebook stats which might have done the opposite of pleading her case.

Her explanation; That I am international is also shown by the fact that I am Brazilian, married to a German and living in Switzerland. My gigs are often in Switzerland, but also e.g. in Ministry of Sound (London), Lakenheath US Airbase (UK), Dubai, Hurghada (Egypt) or Doha (Qatar).

A quick skim  of Google will show very few details that Miss Diamond has performed in Hesson Frankfurt, New York, Rabat, Krung Thep, Rizal Makati (a small province in the Philippines) or even Dhaka – six of her top seven towns/cities her ‘fans’ are based.

Again, to have such a high density of fans in areas she has never played and probably with smaller dance scenes doesn’t quite add up.

When the announcement was made of her removal her 150,000+ strong Facebook only showed 59 people ‘talking about this’ which again seemed odd.

Her Youtube channel is slightly more convincing with a cool 4,500+ subscribers but her handful of videos range from 196 views all the way up to 7,346 – although nothing that correlates to her supposed 300,000+ video views.

We kind of get the feeling she is an innocent party and her manager may have organised the votes for her.

All in all we’ll have to see what DJ Mag have to say but at this stage things aren’t looking too good for Miss Diamond.

David Guetta won last years competition.


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