DJ Goes to Extraordinary Lengths for DJ Mag Votes

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DJ Goes to Extraordinary Lengths for DJ Mag Votes

The lengths that some DJ’s will go to in order to get in the Top 100 Dj’s have surprised us from year to year, yet we are going to call it early with the announcement that French DJ Jay Style has taken the number one position for the ‘Worst Social Media Campaign 2014’ – Congratulations buddy!

In order to attract voters, DJ Style has called himself “a music’s slave”. What the hell is a ‘music’s slave’? But wait, it gets even worse. Donning himself entirely in black body paint, it’s hard to look past any negative connotations that he was so naively trying to avoid. The French DJ was quick to defend the campaign, claiming that he’s “sorry if some peoples didn’t understand the message, it’s a misunderstanding!” and that it’s “nothing racist! It’s linked with MUSIC and not skin color!”. Let’s just nail it down to poor taste and lack of judgement, however someone needs to send DJ Style a copy of ‘Marketing and Ethics for Dummies’ so maybe next time he won’t offend so many important voters.

There has always been a fair bit of controversy around the popularity poll competition, with questionable acts slotting into the top positions and the accusations of artists dishing out the big bucks for those higher spots. We’re not sure how this one’s going to fly, but we could take a pretty damn accurate and educated guess.



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