Dillon Francis Lashes Out At DJ Mag Top 100

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Dillon Francis Lashes Out At DJ Mag Top 100

Co-written by Pat Beck

It’s no secret that the annual DJ Mag Top 100 is a bit confusing at times (I mean just this year a hardcore DJ won the highest house award), but it seems even the ranked DJs are getting confused now.

Dillon Francis, who ranked in number 64 out of the 100 strong lineup, has unleashed on DJ Mag in the way of a video upload on Facebook, where he says plain and simple that he is “confused”.

“Is it for best producer, is it for what you’ve achieved through the year or best DJ?”

We’re not sure, Dillon, we really don’t know.

He then moves through the list, touching on random inclusion from artists who haven’t played or released music in years, and artists who he simply has no clue are.



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