Jupiter Appreciation Day

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Jupiter Appreciation Day

Super sweet French/English duo Jupiter have struck out with their debut album ‘Juicy Lucy’ – a fine slice of in-part disco-fuzz, in-part sensible synth-pop.

What comes with the release is… Jupiter Appreciation Day! A day given to the two for their tireless effort into one of the most exciting albums in the sea of¬†meagreness (blame the hyper-fast consumption).

In an unprecedented joint effort, four blogs representing four different voices and four countries have come together to celebrate what is ‘Juicy Lucy’.

Gotta Dance Dirty, Harder Blogger Faster, Nashville Nights and ourselves, Stoney Roads fired off a series of questions to grab some insight into the personal lives and fronted production on the release.

To get started, hit ‘play’ on the minimix, have a read below then head over to our friends (linked above) to get the rest of the story!

Juicy Lucy (Album Minimix) by Jupiter (official)

SR – What’s your preferred DAW?

J – People are always surprised when we answer this one! We actually produce everything on FL Studio (formerly Fruity Loops), and we’re not planning to change anytime soon. We actually started making music on this software and never bothered to switch as we grew accustomed to its ins and outs: all the shortcuts, workaround tricks etc…and to be honest it’s an awesome tool if you can master it. It would take so much time to switch to another software anyway. Daft Punk actually used one of the bundled plugins in “Derezzed” ūüėČ

SR – A majority of readers will most likely be bedroom producers, what advice can you give them?

J –¬†We have the chance to be part of a generation that can emulate any instrument on an average laptop, but it’s a double-edged sword. Too much freedom, endless possibilities can make you unfocused. Our best advice would be working your way up, by restricting yourself to only one virtual synth, one drum machine and a couple of effects and expand only once you mastered them.
Before we started Jupiter we messed around so many plugins, but before we had time to understand how one worked we were already fiddling with a new one. We realized it was counterproductive, so we bought a hardware synth (a Juno-106), and waited until we mastered it to move onto a next one. Once you do that you can really exploit all the potential computer-assisted music has to offer.

SR –¬†Is Juicy Lucy a real lady in your life and if so how can we get in contact with her?

J –¬†There’s a Juicy Lucy in all of us, most people just don’t know it yet.

SR –¬†Analog or software synths?

J –¬†If you mean analog or software synths (emulating analog hardware), we’d obviously go for the real deal. Not only do they sound better, but having the actual machine in front of you is a totally different experience altogether. We have a handful of those, but their soft counterparts still sound amazing. The good thing with having actual synths around us is that sometimes you’re just playing around like a kid playing with toys, and before you know it you’re building a descent song: this is exactly what happened on “St Petersbourg”. Then again, in terms of budget it’s a totally different story, so we’re happy with our Minimoog plugin. For now!

SR –¬†Will you be visiting Australia anytime soon?

J –¬†We definitely hope too! Our friend Anoraak toured Australia twice and each time he came back saying he had an amazing time. We’d love to see koalas too, we heard every Australian person has at least two of those in their living room.

Jupiters ‘Juicy Lucy’ is out today, get it on iTunes, Amazon,¬†Beatport¬†and don’t forget to use the #GETJUICY hashtag if your on the twitters!


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