Tommie Sunshine’s debate on LSD drug use

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Tommie Sunshine’s debate on LSD drug use

The outspoken and much sort after producer Tommie Sunshine has been subject to debate recently with fans after talking candidly via Facebook and Twitter on the use of LSD compared to other drugs.

LSD is most commonly associated with late 60’s psychedelic punk rock era and has been a regular topic of conversation by the Chicago based producer even possibly contributing to a recent topic trend on twitter!

“I would like to note that LSD is trending on Twitter.” – Tommie Sunshine

Mr Sunshine argues his angle on the debate after being verbally attacked by fans online by saying:

“I am being attacked about my thoughts on LSD. You take LSD & it stays with you for the whole of your life. This isn’t cocaine or heroin or some drug that makes you into terrible person. It opens your mind forever. All ancient cultures used mind explanation and ours uses mind control. This is just my opinion, I am no expert of anything; just a man with a big mouth who tries to share his thoughts with those who will listen. ”

Illegal drug debates from drug users. Is it an irony when drug users take on each other because of their choice of drug. What are your thoughts?

On the topic of someone’s art speaking louder than their word, you must check out Tommie Sunshine’s remix of The Scissor Sisters!


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