Watch: What Happens When You Take Drugs At Work?

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Watch: What Happens When You Take Drugs At Work?

Disclaimer: We do not condone nor recommend the use of drugs at work. Unless of course you are one of Santa’s elves.

Going to work hungover is bad enough as it is, but then there’s this guy that has taken things to a whole new level. Probably not the best way to build and promote your profile on YouTube, however the clip is bloody hilarious. Apparently the project started out (" target="_blank">see part 1 here) as an assignment the guy was going to hand in for his journalism degree, cheekily presented as some avant-garde gonzo-journalistic endeavour. Writing this as I watched the video below, I was about to comment on how well he holds himself together, considering the circumstances. However I hadn’t reached the Ketamine section yet…

“I eat, sleep and breathe christmas!” – High Elf

Lesson of the day kids: shopping centre Christmas workers are suspect.

*We are aware the clip was uploaded late last year, but thought it was highly suitable to get you through your Wednesday, aka day of humping*


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