Diplo Completes LA Marathon Under the Influence of LSD

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Diplo Completes LA Marathon Under the Influence of LSD

DJ and producer Diplo made headlines last weekend for completing the Los Angeles Marathon in under four hours, with Olympian Alexi Pappas by his side. But it wasn’t just the impressive finishing time that caught people’s attention. In an Instagram post on Wednesday, Diplo revealed that he had taken LSD before the race, claiming the entire 26.2-mile footrace was one big acid trip.

Diplo admitted he was under-trained for the event, having never run more than 11 miles previously, but was inspired to beat Oprah’s 1994 PR of 4:29 at the Marine Corps Marathon. And he did just that, even boasting on Instagram, “I ate that. Sorry Oprah.”


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While it may not be common to run under the influence of psychedelics, it’s not unheard of. Sarah Rose Siskind, who ran the Burning Man Ultramarathon on LSD, said it wasn’t a performance-enhancing drug but didn’t increase her risk profile either. Michael Versteeg, who ran the Cocodona 250, a 250+ mile ultramarathon, said he incorporates psilocybin mushrooms into his long runs, which allows him to experience the landscape in a much more vivid way.

Despite the unconventional approach, Diplo completed the race with Pappas’ help, thanking her and his knees in his Instagram post. It’s safe to say that Diplo’s LA Marathon experience won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

This isn’t the first time Diplo has spoken out about LSD with a crazy story he shared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.


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