Producers “buying their fans” on Facebook

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Producers “buying their fans” on Facebook

Music bookers, promoters and advertisers be warned! I’ve noticed a small epidemic that is starting to build in the land of social media. With people becoming less patient (Gen Y) and seeking “instant gratification”, a world that is largely in existence yet rarely mentioned is the buying of “Facebook fans.”

Saturation in EDM or dance music land has reached an all time high, resulting in the need of some for “guerilla tactics” to create the mirage that as an entity, a lot of producers and companies have a lot of “so called” fans.

If we were to talk purely business for a minute, in reality when someone is booked for a gig, they are not only booked for their reputation but their database of fans they can tell about the gig too! The bigger the database, the more negotiation power the artist will have in being booked and being paid hence people stooping to this dumb scheme.

So before you join the fake hype of producer or companies trying to (*cough) talk like they are struggling to contain their wiener in their pants, I got a tip for you so that you don’t fall for this crap.

How to spot a phoney?

Ah yes, Eastern Europe, the land of the Russian/Georgian fembots, minimal internet laws and autocratic leaders. The new Facebook page has proven to be quite handy in allowing you to find where the majority of fans are coming from. Generally speaking, if the site is .com the most popular city is most likely going to be somewhere in America or where the artist is based. (Please don’t forget i’m talking about up and coming producers, not Deadmau5 etc.)

In contrast, you will find most the sites where you can buy fans are hosted somewhere in Germany, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine etc and possibly even USA depending how smart the company the person is using is. So how do you find where the fans are from?

Find the ‘LIKE’ box on the Facebook page and see where majority of the fans are actually coming from! (As displayed below)

Take us for example:

Fact a lot of you may not know. We are based in Sydney Australia!

So next time your on a site and are looking at some unusually high stats, see where they are coming from before you invest your money into something you may regret!

To make this a little more controversial, feel free to name drop in the comment section below!

written by wow


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