Tech Preview: MIDI Fighter 3D

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Tech Preview: MIDI Fighter 3D

The classic MIDI Fighter is a controller that lives up to its name. It is build like a tank and contains no-nonsense features that leaves everything up to you; customize the MIDI assignment yourself and you can have it as simple or complex as you want to be. At it’s core, the MIDI Fighter is a device composed of an array of 4×4 arcade buttons that you can normally find on the Japanese arcade machines, and is made to withstand a crazy amount of abuse from DJs. It is suitable for many things, beat juggling, clip launching, controlling DJ software, or anything else that can communicate via MIDI.

Now what’s up with the MIDI Fighter 3D? This successor to the MIDI Fighter introduces a whole new dimension to live performance with its motion sensor capabilities, allowing you to control parameter in the music software (Ableton, Traktor, etc) by moving the controller around, Nintendo Wii-style. This will indeed add a new dimension to the performance, allowing your audience to feel more energy in your show.

You would probably have to be careful to always have a long USB cable with you to make sure you don’t accidentally unplug it or drag your laptop along while being ‘too eager’ abusing its 3D motion detection capability. Also, will the build quality stands to the new level of abuse it might have to cope with? I’d expect many DJs to drop it from at least a few centimeters ‘above the ground’ each time they take it up in the air.

This thing will ship for USD 249 starting from April. You can pre-order from the if you decided to get one.


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