Tech Preview: Bitwig Studio

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Tech Preview: Bitwig Studio


As if the world of producing is not filled with enough DAW already, we are excited about the new up and coming DAW called Live 9 Bitwig Studio. We were a bit skeptical when we first found out since it is coming from a company we’ve never heard before. But we’re pretty much sold when we saw the demo – the interface is pretty and looks well-laid-out. Yet at the same time looks very, very Live-ish in many ways, which brings us to the next point.

It looks like some of the people that work on the project are ex-Abletons which means that they definitely have some capable brains involved in the project. We don’t know how Ableton are going to respond, but if we were them we wouldn’t be too happy about it.

Well, the demo shows quickly a bunch of some features, yadda yadda yadda, but what really caught our eyes is the 3 types of sequencing mode offered: Multitrack – where your song is presented linearly like in most DAWs, arranger clip launcher that we suspect is similiar to Live’s session view, and lastly, the mixer clip launcher, which is unique to Bitwig and quite probably a take on what they feel is missing from Ableton’s session view. Seems like another DAW that puts emphasis on workflow. We like that.

Other very interesting features include LAN jamming and internet collaboration. Oh finally, something actually fun to play on LAN other than Counter Strike.

And also, excuse us but is that a penguin logo besides Windows’ and Mac’s? Wow. Looking at the recent growth of Linux and how user-friendly some of the distros have become, this is a really potential move that could see them dominate the Linux market share.

Our first thoughts on the product is that it indeed looks somehow pretty Live-like, but we think in the core it also tries to fix stuffs that Live has yet to deliver e.g. 64bit plugin and multi-monitor support. So far, reactions from people have been very positive (and expectations high) even though the first beta has yet to be delivered.

A mere 38 seconds demo doesn’t show much but we are quite hopeful for a solid 1.0 release.

We are definitely following the updates of this exciting new DAW, so stay tuned! You’ll hear more from us when we know it.

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