Breaking: Cosmo’s Midnight confirmed just one bloke and a cardboard cut-out

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Breaking: Cosmo’s Midnight confirmed just one bloke and a cardboard cut-out

B-Side is our latest news section breaking the stories you won’t read about anywhere else. Hard hitting news off the back of a truck that we published without fact checking.

Yep, we’re distraught as well. The loveable, electronica twins Cosmo’s Midnight have been living a lie, with revelations today confirming many suspicions that Patrick Liney – one half of the duo – is actually just a cardboard cut-out of Cosmo Liney.

This disturbing news came our way today in the form of an anonymous letter from a member of the management team for Cosmo’s Midnight, who added in their own words that they “cannot be part of this ongoing lie anymore. The world needs to know that they’ve been royally scammed. Also, Cosmo is a jerk. I don’t like Cosmo”.

Time wise, this exclusive B-Side story couldn’t have come at a worse time for the pair (or should I say, the single) with their debut album on the way and a nationwide tour that has already confirmed a second Metro Theatre show in Sydney. This, of course, raises the question as to whether Cosmo’s cut-out will be joining him on stage or if he will tackle it on his own.

We reached out to Cosmo Liney for a statement; to give him the platform to address the situation, but he very politely declined, telling us “I have a live show to prepare for”.


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