Throwback Track: Cut Copy – Lights & Music

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Throwback Track: Cut Copy – Lights & Music

Ahh, Cut Copy. The Aussie group who hold a special place in everyone’s hearts and for great reason.

The group burst onto the Aussie electronic music scene many years ago with a refreshing, synth-pop sound and a unique vocal lead that has become an absolute staple for the band. Their track ‘Lights & Music’ is a prime example of everything that makes Cut Copy work so well, and that is why we’re giving it our throwback track of the week.

Released on their 2008 album ‘In Ghost Colours‘, this decade-old tune was released at the peak of the bloghaus era, when electronica and pop began their long, fruitful relationship. The song was – at least for me – a must-have in the old chunky iPod, and made moping from class to class a real treat during high school. I’m sure I speak for a lot of you on that.

Cut Copy – who recently dropped a new album titled ‘Haiku From Zero‘ – are currently touring the nation, stopping by The MET in Brisbane this Thursday for a headline slot. See more on the event here, and revisit ‘Lights & Music’ below.


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