Premiere: ZEBARAH astound with Summery tune, ‘Depths’

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Premiere: ZEBARAH astound with Summery tune, ‘Depths’

Our favourite, homegrown prodcuers What So Not isn’t the talent in the family…

Introducing…ZEBARAH, a Sydney-based duo made up of Luke Emerson and Mark Broome. The boys teamed up with Mammals and have dropped their debut single Depths featuring Animal Feelings and they absolutely kill their first official release. Depths is s a clear indication that next year is going to see the boys embark on a huge adventure. You ain’t ready for this.

Depths is the track that sounds like summer and a bloody good time. Heavy breathing, sweaty, rooftop bar vibes. I can see it now…say 7:30pm, sun going down, tight view from where you’re standing…am i not describing exactly where you want to be right now? It’s up-beat, has a catchy vocal hook, gritty synths and a feel-good dance beat to tie it altogether.

ZEBARAH draws influence from a range of eclectic artists such as Four Tet, What So Not and Quix and you can hear the elements drawn from each artist come together in ZEBARAH‘s production.

In the spirit of keeping things short ‘n’ sweet, have a geez at the track below, it speaks for itself.


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