What So Not is taking a break from dance music

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What So Not is taking a break from dance music

It’s been a very busy few years for lovable lad What So Not. Having knocked over some 400 shows in just three years and it seems to have taken its toll with the surprising announcement of a much-needed break on his socials.

There’s no denying it’s definitely been filled with good times with What So Not telling fans “it’s been exhilarating and fun” and probably covers his bulk originals and fire remixes as well as a full-blown album featuring Daniel Johns, Slumberjack and Skrillex – something he covers in-depth in our full-blown interview from back in 2018.

But cutting to the chase, he tells us this time off is an opportunity to spend with family and friends, especially after the devastating bush fires in Australia that has him “… thinking about what really matters in this world & this life”.

Thankfully the break doesn’t mean a complete exodus from the scene, just a time to “… pull myself out of the routine” and “… & make sure everything I do is 100%” which is good news.

There will still be a new record on the way and a scattering of shows so make sure to throw your support behind him when they do pop up.

As ever, no matter if you’re an artist or music fan, it’s a perfect time to make sure you’re feeling healthy and if not, maybe step away or reach out to some people to chat to.



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