You’ll Never Guess What These Speakers Are Made Out Of?
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You’ll Never Guess What These Speakers Are Made Out Of?

Designer Daniel Ballou has a knack for creating handy, clever and cool things one of which he’s transformed something very common into something very cool!

Teaming up with Dashdot, Dan has taken the ever simple cinder block and turned it into a working speaker that they aim to sell as a bolt it together yourself kit for a reasonable $150.

Dan explains the aim of project ‘Cinder Speakers’ is to “transform the humble cinder block into a high fidelity speaker.” adding some simple logic as to why cinder blocks are perfect for the job;

“Concrete is a low resonance material that minimizes vibrations and reduces coloration of pure sound delivered by the drivers. A drawback of course is that it’s heavy to handle and ship, and labor intensive to mold. However, cinder blocks are available throughout the world for about a buck (or free in a construction site trash pile).”

What to expect in the kit?

“The Cinder Speaker ships as a pre-assembled and pre-wired front panel, including a 5” driver, tweeter, crossover, and input jack. The back panel includes mounting hardware that spans the cinderblock and seals the enclosure.”

Right now the thing is still in development but you can email Dan to give him a digital pat on the back or ever look into pre-ordering one to fully kit out your pad with the ultimate hipster accessory.

Check out his other projects here. Would you buy one?

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