Mumbai Science Take us Track by Track through their debut album Déjà Vu
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Mumbai Science Take us Track by Track through their debut album Déjà Vu


A unique blend of house beat, electro fury, and funky groove, Mumbai Science is one of those groups that simply don’t fit into genre constraints. High energy and full flavored, the Belgian pair has an expertise in more than just chocolate. A long running mix series, various top remixes, and a slew of well received originals have led them to a debut album scheduled for the sixteenth of June. Part of the top Belgian squad Lektroluv Records, the duo have teamed up with OneLove (AUS) to prepare an electro attack in top markets.

“Forget ‘EDM culture’ – Mumbai Science blend imagination and musical knowledge to create malleable cuts of floor-busting sounds that appeal to all tastes and niches.”

For a producer and composer: EPs, singles, and remixes are fun but a full-length album allows for ultimate artistic expression. Telling a story through their medium of music, Mumbai Science have kicked off their career but now are ready to show the world what they’re really made of. The ten-track Déjà Vu is a journey through dance that protects the past and predicts the future. An adequate blend of electro fervor and classic house backing make the bass heavy album dance floor ready. Praised by Annie Mac and supported by top dance outlets, the album has been commended near and far. Being their debut full length, we looked to get the inside scoop on every inch of Déjà Vu. Check out the guys’ commentary in anticipation of the release…

1. Hivemind

Jonas: This is where the journey starts.

Maarten: we wanted to represent that with some atmospheric synth work. A friend of ours told me it reminded him of a car chase scene in a blockbuster action movie.

Jonas: Definitely a car chase in outer space. Something from Star Trek perhaps?

2. Déjà Vu

Jonas: Second track and already throwing a single at you! This one has been stuck in my mind for two years so I’m really glad it’s your turn now!

Maarten: When we first composed these beats we knew we needed a vocalist who could bring a blasé persona to life. The track describes how everything seems meaningless once we stop noticing the uniqueness of every moment.

Jonas: That ‘been there done that’-attitude is all around us these days. I feel it is the enemy of creativity.

3. The Call ft. Gustaph

Jonas: Working together with Gustaph from Hercules and Love affair was a whole new experience for us. We learned a LOT from him.

Maarten: We recorded this track at the Seba’s (Moonlight Matters) studio. Seba helped us a lot with recording the vocal. He also has the most amazing synth collection I have ever seen.

4. Lotus

Jonas: The only track on this album that we’ve released before.

Maarten: When we were making the album we noticed that we were using a lot of the same type of sounds as when we were making Lotus back in 2011. When we tried to fit in Lotus into the album it was a match made in heaven.

Jonas: We’re very happy we included this track and it’s still one of my favorites to play at our gigs!

5. Whistleblower ft Peaches

Jonas: The lyrics in this track are too good! Peaches took it to the next level. Combining her gender focused innuendos with Edward Snowden’s NSA scandal somehow made this a very meaningful track.

Maarten: Absolutely, I love the weird contrast in this track. At the one hand it is very playful, on the other hand it is very sexually driven, but also politically charged.

6. Blame The World

Maarten: For us, dance music never should be too serious. I think this track reflects that vision.

Jonas: It’s not meant to be serious or part of some social commentary. It is what it is. Some people will probably look for a deeper meaning here. There isn’t any. Or is there?

7. Control

Jonas: I love to play this track on our gigs!

Maarten: It’s classic Mumbai Science! Powerful synths and relentless arpeggio’s. Obviously, the lyrics are yet again very important. Who is really in control here? The DJ, or the people on the dancefloor? Or the banks and big corporations?

Jonas: Wake up sheeple!

8. King of The Top Floor ft. DJ Spank-Spank from PHuture

Jonas: to have one of the godfathers of electronic music on our album is just amazing.

Maarten: We are so proud of this collab. It’s a solid techno stomper with some left field elements to keep you on your toes.

9. Price Tag

Jonas: This track features the story of a woman who knows what she wants.

Maarten: We played around with some bouncy synths on this track. The amazing vocal and lyrics of April Rose really catch the playful vibe we were looking for.

10. Tower of Babel

Maarten: For those who wonder. Yes this one’s heavily inspired by baz luhrman – wearing sunscreen.

Jonas: It’s meant as a skit that takes a look at the darker side of following advice. What first seems like a plausible course of action may turn out to be a way straight to meaningless suffering.

11. Vegas ft. Mixhell

Jonas: Thunderous drums and reality checks. With a big wink to Belgian rave classics. This track is the perfect apotheoses to our journey through a world where handing out business cards is the only form of social interaction.

Now that you’ve heard the composers’ commentary, you’re ready to experience Déjà Vu in its full potential. If you live and breath dance music, this an album that can truly be appreciated. Combining past genre fads, true techno vibe, and pure dance floor shakers ensure the full journey that an album is mean to deliver. Still just scratching the surface, Mumbai Science is a duo of composers not to turn you back on.

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