A New ‘Angle’ On Electronic Music

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A New ‘Angle’ On Electronic Music


I’m sure you have all seen the elaborate Amon Tobin shows creating a grand spectacle many struggle to grasp. In the present age where Djing is in transition, two sole decks are loosing curb appeal. While on the rise, dubstep prince Skrillex spent every dime of his first gigs loot on a stage setup that which him over the top. Investment in ‘the mothership’ eventually led his to the Forbes list. Festival promoters are constantly seeking a new visual approach in order to stand out by ‘experience’; massive subs simply aren’t cutting it for $300 ticket prices. Garage-bred production groups are now looking for ways to stand out, and this fresh Italian duo found an intriguing new angle.

In Italy art schools are overflowing. More than just a hip trend, careers in the visual and audio design stack up among youth and veterans alike. This creative explosion has led to experimental outputs of unparalleled proportions. Music producers are a dime a dozen in a land where analog is a par. Genres have become a constraint of the past and dub to techno connect into an unholy harmony. Two products of this creative upbringing are Piero and Thomas of Angle. Blending intricate quality, visual prowess, and audio emotion this upcoming act is truly an experience.

Angle • Tetra01 // Official Teaser from Angle on Vimeo.

Without worrying about tags, the student / professor duo has implemented backyard fabrication, bass heavy techno, and intricate rapid design for a spectacle like you have never seen before. Everyone loves to joke about how experimental genres draw the pretentions Pickfork-esque nerds but these guys are worth a second look. Unlike the flash-bang shows curated to fool the standard thizzed out ravers, this symmetrical monster showcases artistic evolution at its finest.

Of course some may say visual mapping is cool but are the tunes worth a listen? A new age take on dubstep relinquishes the womps and fills in traditional techno methodology. Perfectly prepared to fit any set, Angle tracks may just as well be seen on the Beatport charts. Behind the shroud of screen, live production and studio preparation create a set that any bass fan will welcome. Pair it with the intense light sight and we have ourselves a genuine mixed media masterpiece.

With their debut setup being showcased around Europe there is no telling which direction these two will go. Tetra01 is their inaugural trip down the black hole that constitutes a new project. While defining the Angle image, we’re sure think they have started on the right foot. With this much attention to detail shown in production, it’s definitely worth keeping your eyes and ears out for Angle.



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