Mama always said you get what you pay for....and U.S. teen hardcore band Altitudes got theirs when they left their engineer high and dry. Their most successful single to date. which is nothing to be proud of, Dan the engineer got lazily-creative in paying back the band's gesture -

“I recorded all the audio, filmed them at my studio, and then I decided to write a dance tune to the same tempo they recorded at. I merely took his vocals and slapped it on the dance track, then replaced the new audio to the video I had already edited. Best 30 mins I’ve ever spent.”
The music speaks for itself really (we swear, it will make your day) and the lead singer really gets all that suburban angst out there, you can really feel his raw, leave it all out there vibe while the band chants "and now our time is wasted". Oh how life imitates art! I'm sure the Bloody Beetroots are inches away from giving these guys a call.

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