Grimes live gear stolen in theft at Ritz
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Grimes live gear stolen in theft at Ritz

Canadian musician Grimes’ has unfortunately had her live touring equipment set-up stolen following a show at the HMV Ritz in Manchester, England.

The electronic artist, who’s real life name goes by Claire Boucher, took to her Tweet account to send an SOS out asking anyone with any information to contact her!

She wrote: “Hey Manchester! All the Grimes gear was stolen last night – if you know anything about this get at me!”

Grimes took a positive outlook on the situation and stated the following day on tweeting:

“thank u everybody for all the concern about our gear situation 🙂 we will have 2 rework things, but i am excited by the prospect of change”

If you have any information on the incident, hit her up on her Twitter feed!

Grimes recently release the enchanting music video for “Genesis” taken from her successful ‘Visions’ release.


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