Someone made a playlist of electronic music’s most influential tracks

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Someone made a playlist of electronic music’s most influential tracks

The homepage of the internet, Reddit has come through once again with the hot content in the way of a playlist stacked with the most “significant and influential tracks in electronic music”.

Reddit user flabbernugget shared the playlist in the r/electronicmsuic community over the weekend, a playlist consisting of 91 carefully selected and ordered tracks ranging from the likes of Burial, Bjork, Aphex Twin and more.

In flabbernugget’s own words, the playlist is for the following:

  1. Anyone who loves the electronic music that has made a major impact on the genre we all love.
  2. Anyone who has been wondering about the deeper side of electronic music, but doesn’t know where to start. It’s a very daunting a task considering there aren’t too many obvious places to find solid recommendations so I’ve made it my best effort to choose songs from all of what I consider to be the best electronic albums to date. So everything on the list could also be considered a fat album recommendation.

They went on to explain that “the playlist can be used two ways, either you can either shuffle or play it in order. If you decide to play it in order, there are some things I need to mention the themes of the mix.

  • Tracks Boring Angel (OPN) through Windowlicker (Aphex Twin) are all about chill vibes with mostly slow emotional downtempo beats.
  • Tracks The Call (Xiu Xiu) through Aint it Funny (Danny Brown) are fun rap/pop tracks that have excellent creative electronic producers
  • Tracks Genesis (Justice) through No Reptiles (Everything Everything) is mostly somewhat experimental electronic tracks that are made for escalating tension with fast synth notes and beats.
  • Tracks Transit (Fennez) through 3# (Aphex Twin) are mostly ambient tracks.”

After that, the mix ends with the Girl with the sun in her head (Orbital). I’m planning on continuing the mix, but I just need figure out where I wanna go from here. I know that I’m definitely some very important IDM and Techno/House artists on this list but I’ll try to get to them whenever I can. Until I would love as many suggestions as I can get!

Now, we are definitely not suggesting this playlist is perfect, because frankly we don’t think it is and neither do some Redditors in the comments. However, it’ definitely a good start at something!

Listen to the playlist in full below. Any big tracks they missed?


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