Grimes graces us with 5 new mood-specific Spotify playlists

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Grimes graces us with 5 new mood-specific Spotify playlists

Already somewhat notorious when it comes to Spotify playlists, Grimes has just shared 5 of her personal playlists for those “at home vibes” because, why not.

With the playlists names going from “musiq for drawing” to “depression”they seemingly cover all bases. Whether it’s art or the art of depression you’re after, something to bind to emotionally, you’ll find it in one of the playlists.

The “playing bloodborne” playlist is home to tunes adept to helping you navigate your way through a Gothic, Victorian era inspired city, and apparently theres nothing better for concentration than ‘MITSUMI’.

Does the release of these recent playlists mean the possibility of a new Grimes record hitting our shelves soon? We can only hope.

Out of the quintet of playlists, surely one of them would be fitting for right now. I know how i’ll be spending the rest of my day, peep the playlists below:

“Musiq 4 Drawing”


“Just a Rat in a Cage”


“Playing Bloodborne”


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