Grimes drops her eclectic new album ‘Miss Anthropocene’

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Grimes drops her eclectic new album ‘Miss Anthropocene’

Grimes fifth album ‘Miss Anthropocene’ is here in all its beauty and weirdness that we expect.

After a first listen, it’s very difficult to categorise her body of work into any specific genre. Grimes just lets her ideas flail in the wind splendidly like a wacky waving inflatable tube guy. It feels like a series of contrasting song ideas that don’t sonically interconnect in a narrative. It’s the Grimes way!

A notable mention has to go to her cyberpunk drum n bass anthem (we said it, ANTHEM!) 4ÆM that’s a mix of her sweet falsetto style distant vocals, juxtaposed with a mean bass line that induces that feeling of dance floor madness.

The lead up to the release has been eventful for the busy Canadian who’s gone above and beyond to ensure everything was ready for the album promo.

We recommend giving the deluxe album a crack!

1. So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth
2. Darkseid (with 潘PAN)
3. Delete Forever
4. Violence (with i_o)
5. 4ÆM
6. New Gods
7. My Name is Dark
8. You’ll miss me when I’m not around
9. Before the fever
11. We Appreciate Power (with HANA)
12. So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth (Algorithm Mix)
13. Violence (with i_o) (Club Mix)
14. My Name is Dark (Algorithm Mix)
15. IDORU (Algorithm Mix)


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