Spotify Launches AI DJ with “Stunningly Realistic” Voiceover

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Spotify Launches AI DJ with “Stunningly Realistic” Voiceover

Spotify has launched an exciting new AI DJ function that promises to bring a bespoke music experience to its users. This latest development builds on the streaming service’s existing personalisation technology, which selects what is heard next based on regular plays, but now introduces an automated ‘presenter’ that introduces each song and provides commentary relevant to that specific release. The AI is said to be powered by a team of editors and generative AI, making for a “stunningly realistic” voiceover experience.

This new offering is now available in beta mode and can be accessed by choosing DJ mode from the Music Feed menu on the Home screen. Account holders can now be served playlists curated for them, including new releases and tracks unearthed from their account history. The AI-powered DJ knows you and your music taste so well that it will scan the latest releases that you’ll like, or take you back to that nostalgic playlist you had on repeat last year.

Spotify’s new AI DJ feature comes after the platform’s recent announcement that it had become the first streaming platform to hit 200 million paid subscribers, recording a 14% increase in 2021. The addition of the AI DJ function is sure to keep users engaged and coming back for more.

The human-like tones of the AI presenter are derived from the Sonantic dynamic AI voice system, which Spotify acquired last year. According to Head of Cultural Partnerships Xavier ‘X’ Jernigan, who previously hosted the platform’s personalised morning show, ‘The Get Up’, the generative AI tooling allows Spotify’s editors to scale their innate knowledge in ways never before possible.

“We have experts in genres who know music and culture inside and out. And no one knows the music scene better than they do,” Spotify said in an official statement on its website. “With this generative AI tooling, our editors are able to scale their innate knowledge in ways never before possible.”

Overall, Spotify’s AI DJ function promises to deliver a more personalised and engaging music experience for users. The new feature takes advantage of Spotify’s extensive music library and the platform’s advanced personalisation technology to provide tailored playlists, commentary, and song introductions, making for a more immersive and interactive music experience.


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