Have you ever wanted a Tiesto watch?
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Have you ever wanted a Tiesto watch?

Has there been a time in your life where you thought “man I wish my watch was a Tiesto watch?”… Me neither but thanks to Guess your wildest dream is about to come true!

Picture this, a douche bag in a sweaty back room dropping all the EDM classics to 3 people; Skrillex, mixed into Gotye with Avicii mash up and then then he realises he hasn’t achieved instant fame yet so he is all like, “fuck, when is this set going to end?” because the only reason he took up djing was because he thought there’d be babes hanging off him.

Lucky for him, he has heaps of money and no idea, so he had bought a Tiesto watch the night before so he could point it out to the one chick in the black plastic lycra mini skirt who’s only dj she happens to know is..(would you believe it) Tiesto!

She eyes him out as he railroads tracks rockily like a ‘mad bro’ into Rihanna’s dj shwab dogg miami bass detroit mash up which he got “exclusively” from a mad site that only Steve Aoki visits. Will he make the Top 50 maddest djs this year. Of course he will cos’ he’s found a bro in Manila that can get him like 60,000 facebook fans who are guaranteed real n shit.

Beginning in August, the Limited Edition TiĆ«sto by Guess watch will be available worldwide in Guess stores. I’m not sure this is a great idea.


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