Cool ideas: Power Point Speakers
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Cool ideas: Power Point Speakers

As you stumble along the glut of the internet it becomes clear that in between the cracks and hidden in the darkest corners there are some genuinely clever people doing clever things.

‘Cool Ideas’ is the series where we pick up on musically tipped inventions, concepts or designs worth a few words!

‘House Party’ is a concept designed to allow sharing of music easily at parties without the hassles of plugged in ipods or figuring out who’s in charge of the tasteful tunes for the evening.

By utilising the direct power from the point, an internal speaker, an FM receiver and an LED light to indicate strength and calibration you can create a completely module standalone or set of speakers without the bulky sound system or miles of cords.

The FM transmitter in theory “will receive songs from your music player, even from your tiny ipod shuffle throughout entire place.”

The system can also work in sync to evenly share music in a space with multiple receivers plugged in.

Although only in a ‘concept’ phase you can appreciate the simplicity and cleverness of the project, although there might always be problems such as audio quality that will plague the system.

Overall though a very ‘cool idea’!

via Design Boom


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