Jon Hopkins enlist techno savant ANNA for searing ‘Deep In The Glowing Heart’ remix

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Jon Hopkins enlist techno savant ANNA for searing ‘Deep In The Glowing Heart’ remix

American electronicist Jon Hopkins has enlisted Brazillian techno powerhouse ANNA for a night version of “Deep In The Glowing Heart” taken from his latest album ‘Music For Psychedelic Therapy’.

The album was, for all intensive purposes, a meditative trip for those using psycheledics with it actually timed in length to the medical procedure. That’s why a searing hot techno remix of the original has come as a bit of a surprise but all too fitting.

Hopkins explains the process;

“I first came across ANNA’s music through her track Hidden Beauties, which I found myself playing in DJ sets all the time and always goes down so well. I then asked her to remix Singularity and the results were so amazing I was super keen to work with her again but in a more collaborative way, rather than just handing over stems. We went back and forth a lot and it flowed really well. I love how this one turned out, it’s such a meeting of our two styles.”

With ANNA adding:

“It is a big honour to be able to create music together with Jon. His music is part of my daily life, part of my meditations, my long walks and contemplative moments. My remix for his track ‘Singularity’ had a huge impact on my career and getting to know Jon better since then, and collaborating on this version of DITGH, it feels like our relationship has come full circle!”

On the first listen, you’d better strap yourself in with a thumping bassline, insistent and throbbing synth lines, big arching breaks and super high peaks. The track has meant to be getting very warm responses with ANNA playing it at Coachella and Hopkins in a recent Fabric set.

Check it out below.


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