Jon Hopkins has made stunning music for meditation

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Jon Hopkins has made stunning music for meditation

Jon Hopkins is back with something to help the world counter negativity during these testing and for some, lonely times. The mastermind behind the singularity album, who pre-COVID performed at the Opera House, has made a specialty meditation track to complete a 20+ minute session too.

Titled ‘1/1 Singing Bowl (Ascension)’, the track features a 100-year-old singing bowl that he discovered in an antique shop in India. Jon restricted himself to this one instrument and a laptop, with the producer explaining; “It felt beautifully pure to just use one acoustic sound source, and no synths. It was liberating to write something without playing anything on a keyboard – to avoid the familiar diatonic scale for the first time, and thus avoid any of my own conditioned playing habits.”

Alongside this track, John has shared a meditative playlist. Is it me or are we all getting very sleepy relaxed listening to all these beautiful chimes?


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