Bag Raiders drop late-night club cut “Never Forget”

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Bag Raiders drop late-night club cut “Never Forget”

Bag Raiders are back baby, in a big way with “Never Forget” the second single of the year from the local electronic duo.

Their first single “UR Heart” earlier this year was a more soothing melodic effort while the latest is a deeper 2-step dive into the dancefloor realm akin to global heavyweights BICEP.

It isn’t the only Bag Raiders certified goodness with one-half Jack Glass also lending a hand to Anna Lunoes latest “Like Me” out on NLV Records.

On the track, the Bag Raiders said this one is personal and all about those euphoric moments and experiences in life;

“Lyrically, Never Forget came from a place of appreciation for those special people, moments, and experiences in life that open the heart to new worlds and possibilities. It’s these expressions of love we give and receive that build us into who we are. Musically, there are parallels with nods toward those special sounds we grew up listening to, a bit of garage, a bit of dance, some synth tweaking and melancholic chords, sample-esque vocal treatments etc. So is it a tribute to love and lovers or a tribute to dance and the dance floor? We guess it’s both.”

At a neat 2:53, this one has plenty of replay value and is just waiting for an extended club edit with even thicker drums and a gooey breakdown. Any remixes on the way lads?

Better still, it’s scored a trippy music video to go with those feelsy vocals. Out now on their freshly minted Broken Head Records.


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