Bag Raiders return with melodic dance-floor warmer “UR Heart”

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Bag Raiders return with melodic dance-floor warmer “UR Heart”

Local duo Bag Raiders have returned in a big way with the release of their latest single “UR Heart” and it’ll definitely grab a hold of yours after a first listen!

While they’ll be forever remembered for that track going viral a few years back, their range in sound is something seriously impressive. Listens to less rotated stuff from their early days until now shows they can move between indie bops to more dancefloor friendly, groovy stuff like this.

The track, their first in three years, weighs in at a middleweight 3:21 which gives it plenty of replay value for at home, cruising along or in the club use. Fans of BICEP and Caribou will be excited to lean into this one.

There really is something so special about a lively melodic loop and a chopped and layered vocal done right! This is exactly what the duo envisioned explaining that “UR Heart” is simple yet effective music;

This is the first in a long line of new material. It’s been super refreshing for us to turn our gaze squarely back on the dance floor and make music that doesn’t overthink it and just aims to get the legs moving and the blood pumping.

Check out “UR Heart” below.


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