Mazde & Lisa Mitchell drop huge single ‘Vital Signs’

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Mazde & Lisa Mitchell drop huge single ‘Vital Signs’

Mazde has returned with a huge single featuring Aussie singer/songwriter Lisa Mitchell.

Mazde’s story started with the quick rise of his unofficial remix of Disclosure’s Help Me Lose My Mind. It went viral on SoundCloud and YouTube with over 100 million plays.

Speaking to Mazde, he detailed his recent absence quoting;
“Over the last two years, I have had to take a break from full-time music to complete my studies in the sleepy town of Darmstadt in Germany and get on top of my mental health.”

Lisa Mitchell is arguably most famous for her breakout singles Coin Laundry & Neapolitan Dreams that featured on her platinum-certified debut album. Since then, Lisa has gone on to make three Top 10 positions on the ARIA Album charts and become a recipient of the prestigious Australian Music Prize.

Vital Signs is a heart clinching single, permeating passion through Lisa’s clever storytelling and Mazde’s imaginative musical composition. Out on Buttermilk.

On the story behind the lyrics, Lisa elaborated,
‘Imagine if a blood test could detect your love for your partner… Vital Signs is about feeling frustrated in love. It’s when you feel like you could buy the other person 24 roses every day, or give them a massage every night and they still just don’t seem convinced that you love them. Imagine if there was some kind of ‘device’, like a lie detector, or a blood test, to ‘prove,’ your love to them? Would they believe you then?’ 


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