Mazde & Flowdan team up for new party anthem ‘Wavy’

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Mazde & Flowdan team up for new party anthem ‘Wavy’

Mazde and Flowdan join forces to bring us their electrifying new single, “Wavy.” This collaboration unites the distinctive talents of German producer Mazde and the dynamic grime vocals of Flowdan, resulting in a party anthem.

Flowdan, known for his collaborations with heavyweights like Skrillex, Chase & Status, and Fred Again, continues to showcase his versatility by teaming up with Mazde for this high-energy hit. Mazde, no stranger to collaborations himself, having worked most recently with Rromarin and Dave B, brings his production finesse to the table, blending genres seamlessly.

As “Wavy” hits the airwaves, Flowdan is captivating audiences across Europe with his electrifying performances, and fans in Australia and New Zealand can look forward to his tour in December.  “Wavy” is a reminder to embrace the moment and let loose on the dancefloor.


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