Discover the Fantastical World of Mazde & Rromarin’s ‘Go’ Music Video

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Discover the Fantastical World of Mazde & Rromarin’s ‘Go’ Music Video

Mazde & Rromarin’s latest collaboration, ‘Go,’ is a powerful new single that delves into the theme of honesty and its impact on relationships. The track follows up on Mazde’s earlier single, ‘Go ft. Dave B.’ and Rromarin’s successful collaboration with Golden Features on ‘Touch,’ which is set to appear on Golden Features’ forthcoming album.

At its core, ‘Go’ explores the challenges of being honest with a partner, even when the truth may be difficult to hear. The track explores the dilemma of finding the right words to say without causing harm, and the struggle of being truthful, even when it feels like the most difficult thing you could do. The song’s poignant lyrics are underscored by Mazde’s signature production style, which blends lush synths and powerful drums to create a captivating sound that draws listeners in and holds their attention.

But the real standout of ‘Go’ is the accompanying mixed media animation, which draws inspiration from the works of Jules Verne and Karel Zeman. The video features a stunning blend of 3D and 2D animation, which combines seamlessly to create a visually stunning world that feels both whimsical and grounded in reality.

Throughout the video, we follow Mazde and Rromarin as they journey through a surreal world filled with fantastical creatures and mysterious landscapes. The animation perfectly captures the themes of honesty and truth that are central to the song, using stunning visuals to evoke the same emotions and ideas that are explored in the lyrics.

Ultimately, ‘Go’ is a powerful new single from Mazde & Rromarin that showcases both artists’ incredible talents. From the poignant lyrics to the lush production and stunning visuals, this is a track that demands to be heard and seen. Whether you’re a longtime fan of either artist or simply love powerful, emotionally resonant music, ‘Go’ is a must-listen track that’s sure to stay with you long after the music stops.


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