Listen to Yaeji’s Pacman inspired ‘PAC-TIVE’

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Listen to Yaeji’s Pacman inspired ‘PAC-TIVE’

Chocka-block full of samples from the 1980 released Pacman video game, Yaeji delivers a cleverly put together single dubbed PAC-TIVE.

Featuring Tokyo based, Chinese native DiAN supporting Yaeji’s signature vocal styling, the song is fast-paced and surfs across 2-step and drum n bass genres. I consider it like listening to organised chaos. All the instruments feel kind of loud and busy together but are somehow subdued by Yaeji’s feel-sy leading vocals.

The cream on top for this release is the music video. It pays tribute to the video game through a series of interesting animations, evolving from the original birds-eye view screenshot, into what looks like different characters from Pacman in the streets of Tokyo or Seoul. Yaeji fans won’t be disappointed because it is as quirky as the likes of her Robyn remix.


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