Mall Grab drops heaving mixtape filled with mostly Mall Grab

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Mall Grab drops heaving mixtape filled with mostly Mall Grab

Local lad now UK based producer Mall Grab has continued giving with yet another mixtape filled with stacks of frothy techno and hardened joints that’ll certainly rattle your skull.

The new mixtape follows his isolation effort for Boiler Room which saw Jordan holed up in his apartment as he attempted to add some positive energy to the situation with a bit more of a balearic approach to track selection.

The latest, a mix for the Paris based Possession podcast is certainly levels higher, or deeper depending how you look at it with an hour and a half of much, much darker stuff.

Fans have pieced together a part of the tracklist and unsurprisingly it’s filled to the brim with his own released and unreleased club-ready weapons.

Mall Grab Possession Podcast Tracklist

Mall Grab – Doze On The Bullet Train
Mall Grab – Luv Chime
Mall Grab – Like This
Skin On Skin – Get Some Understanding
Mall Grab – Alarmed
Tommy Holohan – Fear What You Don’t Understand
Headie One,
Fred Again – Smoke (Mall Grab Remix )
Viers – Who Do You Truss
DJ Boneyard – Toting A Gun
DAVE The Drummer – Hydraulix 9A
Mall Grab – Outside I See You
Clouds – Opera 2001
Mall Grab – Who Acid You
Lokier – For Me
Mall Grab – Get Burned
Stacemp – On Da Block
Mall Grab – Take Down Enemies (Special Request Splurgecore Remix)
??? – ???
Jensen Interceptor – Fuck Scomo
Mall Grab – Blood Flood


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