Watch Mall Grab live-stream from his home for Boiler Room

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Watch Mall Grab live-stream from his home for Boiler Room

Mad lad Mall Grab has live-streamed from his living room for Boiler Room as part of their ‘lockdown & isolation’ series that sensibly gives you a good reason to stay the hell home during these uncertain times.

The set is unsurprisingly full of clangers new and old, including a cut from his latest EP with hardcore band Turnstile. It also features plenty of heat from around the planet to keep you on your feet for a solid hour rinse!

We’re also enjoying the change of scenery from heaving, sweaty club locations to a glimpse into the life of Jordan’s living room. The setting is filled with subdued sunlight and surrounded by greenery and fun items around the house.

Boiler Room are also doing pushing for donations for a different charity each week, telling fans;

This week, we’re raising funds for Global FoodBanking Network, whose global work providing emergency food and support to people locked in poverty is crucial at this time. Next week, funds will go to a different charity; feel free to send us suggestions in the chatroom, where we will also be sharing other causes to support. Please give if you can afford to — for example, what you might spend on a night out ➫ check out the page here

So all in all, big karma points! Dive into the set below;



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