Watch Mall Grabs thumping Melbourne Boiler Room set

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Watch Mall Grabs thumping Melbourne Boiler Room set

One of the bigger dance Australian exports of the last five to ten years would squarely be Mall Grab, whose ascension has been orbital for a lad from a relatively tame coastal city like Newcastle.

What started out as a lo-fi breakout has turned into a catalogue of at times face-melting electronic coupled with a live energy that feels very real and something fans can connect with. That’s why a welcome return home for a string of national dates was warmly regarded and better still, bookended with a Boiler Room set in Melbourne.

The hour-and-a-half set was as you’d expect a timeline of Mall Grab ‘hits’ as well as a handful of heaters from KETTAMA, Clouds and Effy. There were slower hat scattered moments bundled next to pile-driving techno heavers and it felt so, so good. Bonus points for the drop at 58:34, oooeeee.

He wasn’t all with sets from a stacked international and local lineup that included Lady Shaka, Pretty Girl, Salute, C. FRIM and Yung Singh. Check them out below.


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